Instructions for application

Instructions for applying

The certificate of education or training which accompanies the application must be a final certificate and must be sent in full, work experience is evidenced by a certificate of employment signed and dated by the employer. Work certificate(s) must include a description of what electrical work has been included in the work experience.

Online application for electrical qualifications:

To apply for an electrical qualification, click <online application>. Fill in the contact information required by the application form and select the qualification you are applying for. After that, scan the certificates required for your qualification and attach each certificate to its own place in the application form. If you are applying national procedures to obtain electrical qualification, a valid safety examination shall be deposited under the heading ‘safety examination’. The required education diploma(s) shall be recorded under ‘study, school and course certificates’ and the certificates of employment under ‘certificates of employment’. Once you have attached all the required certificates, press the “submit” button and the application will automatically be submitted to SETI Oy’s processing system. Once we have received your application, we will send you a confirmation email. The application´s processing time is normally 2-4 weeks, during holiday periods 4-6 weeks.

General information:

The processing fee according to the price list will be invoiced separately either from the applicant himself or from the party specifically mentioned in the application. The invoice only comes from the issued qualification, and any negative decision will cost nothing.